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Additional Terms and Conditions

  • 2.5% Discount is allowed if two dance forms are selected from Ballet, Modern and Acrobatics.

  • 5% Discount is allowed if any 2 additional dance forms are selected over and above the two dance forms listed in the first point.

  • 5% Discount for siblings if 2 or more students are enrolled from immediate family

  • 2.5% Discount is applicable to quarterly payments. Quarterly payments are due no later than 01 January, 01 April, 01 July, 01 October.

  • 5% Discount is applicable to annual payments. Annual Payments are due no later than 01 January. 

  • Receive a FREE Body conditioning class when doing 3 or more genres

  • A once of registration fee of is payable annually. The fee is R380.00 for 1-2 genres and R550.00 for 3+ genres.

  • No Additional discount of any kind will be allowed on the High Performance Programme. This programme is already discounted at almost 40%

  • Fees are billed monthly, irrespective of the number of classes attended. No catch up classes are available should a student miss a class- unless Glam Dance Company cancels the class due to unforseen circumstances.

  • All students aged 8+ will be eligible for competition entry during competition season. Any student with a solo is required to join the Saturday solo class for their age group at an additional R175.00 per month. This is billed monthly irrespective of the number of classes attended.

  • All Private Lessons booked will be charged at R380.00 per hour. Duet/Trio/Quartet Private lessons will be charged at R220.00 per hour per dancer. All Solo and DTQ choreography will need to be set in private lessons.

  • Students may not attend one class per week for Acrobatics, Ballet, Modern or Tap. Two classes per week or more depending on grade/level are required as these are examinable genres. No exceptions will be made as students attending only one class per week affect all students when the teacher is required to re-do work to catch up students.

  • All students from Pre-Primary/Primary Levels and higher are eligible for examinations/assessments at the discretion of the teacher.

  • All fees are payable in advance by the 1st of each month. Overdue accounts will be handed over for debt collection.

  • One full calendar months notice is required  for all genres upon termination of the genre unless the student is changing from one genre to another.

  • Fees are calculated over 12 months (January - December). This is in line with standard practice. Fees are still payable over holiday periods.

  • E&OE