“A style of dance that combines classical dance techniques with precision acrobatic, gymnastic & tumbling elements.”


Does you child have boundless energy and unbelievable flexibility?

Then Acrobatic Dance, otherwise known as Acro is the genre to enrol in. We at Glam Dance Company have found that Acrobatic Dance is the perfect accompaniment for any child as not only is it fun, but they also learn precise technique which helps to improve balance, flexibility and strength. 

Acrobatic Dance is just as beautiful to watch as any other dance form. When a student has mastered the technique and tricks, they perform as contortionists with effortless precision.

Our syllabus is run in accordance with the international Acrobatic Arts. Annual Examinations and Assessments are held and are compulsory for all students who enroll for Acrobatics.

We teach Acrobatics from Tots level to Pre-Professional.

Class times vary from 30 minutes to 1 hour once to twice per week depending on grade.

  • Acro Tots

  • Acro Primary

  • Acro Level 1 - 8

  • Pre-Professional 1-3

We also offer fantastic Tumbling classes to work on those flips and tricks in a safe, fun environment.

Young gymnast girl stretching and traini